• Steeping up Love

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Blu Chai Tea Leaves

Customer Review

Behind the Brand

Blu Chai was inspired while enjoying afternoon tea for the first time.  Aside from the welcoming ambiance of afternoon tea, more intriguingly was the ability to block out noise and indulge in that moment.  Through Blu Chai we want to remind everyone to reignite the spice in Love; whether it's self-Love or Love for others.  Unselfishly, we want to remind you to Slumber No More; you are Desperately Deserving of whatever you set your mind to; and Simply Steeped, your Intentional Bliss awaits you.  


Invigorating aromas, and sophisticated taste!

Owner~Blu Chai

I love this Tea because it makes my wife feel so good :-)...


"I loved the smell of fresh tea before I could finish opening my package, it felt so refreshing and tasted great!"


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Gift card

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